Is BAE Systems still a good dividend pick after a 35% share price rise?

BAE dividend

I added BAE Systems (LON:BAE) (BAE.L) shares to my portfolio back in January 2015. At the time, the shares were trading at around 480p and the yield on offer was a generous 4.3%.

However, in the last year or so, BAE Systems shares have rallied from under 500p to 670p, boosted by the weaker pound and a lift in sentiment after the appointment of Donald Trump as US President. So after a 35% rise in the share price in twelve months, is the stock still a buy?

Defence theme

I was bullish on defence when I bought BAE Systems and I’m still bullish on defence as a theme. In today’s world of enhanced geopolitical uncertainty, can governments afford to cut back on defence spending? I personally don’t think so. Indeed, Trump wants to spend an extra $54 billion on defence in 2018 alone, and that budget increase should provide a nice tailwind for defence contractors such as BAE Systems. Chief Executive Ian King stated in February “with an improved outlook for defence budgets in a number of our markets, we are well placed to continue to generate attractive returns for shareholders.

I also like the fact that BAE Systems has exposure to cyber security. While the division only makes up a small proportion of revenues at present, I believe this is a huge growth area going forward.

So the company certainly looks interesting from a long-term story point of view, but is the stock a good dividend investment right now?

Low historical yield

BAE’s dividend payout last year was 21.3p, which at the current share price, equates to a yield of 3.2%. A glance at the company’s historical yield, reveals that’s very close to the lowest yield the company has offered over the last five years. Dividend growth last year was just 1.9%, which while better than no growth, is not fantastic.

A yield of that level can be attractive if the payout is growing at a strong rate. For example, if the yield was 3.2% and growing at 15% per year, that would be a completely different story.

But with growth of less than 2% over the last two years and growth of around 3.2% forecast for this year and next year, I’m not seeing a great deal of value from a dividend perspective right now.

For this reason, I believe it might be worth waiting for a better buying opportunity here. With earnings set to pick up this year, the stock doesn’t look outrageously expensive on a P/E ratio of 15.4, but I don’t think I would add to my position at the current share price.

Disclosure: Edward Sheldon, CFA owns shares in BAE Systems. 

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