24 severely neglected Chihuahuas dumped in the Netherlands: ‘It’s hard not to cry’

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A hiker found 24 neglected Chihuahuas on the Zedek River in Geldermalsen on Sunday morning. The dogs were tied to a pole with thin strings and some of the dogs were hypothermic. For a number of animals, the panicked animal ambulance help came just in time.

The threads were tangled up and a number of creatures were able to freely elude themselves to hide in the bushes nearby. that reports Gelderland broadcast. The volunteers who were there said: It’s hard not to cry‘, says Marja van Gesel of Animal Ambulance. ‘It’s sad and lowly. You really don’t see this often.”

Tiel Animal Ambulance staff were able to free the dogs from their plight by cutting the leads. It turns out that this is not a completely harmless function. “That was so cool, the dogs got excited because there were people and they forgot the rope. That’s why they hanged themselves.” Volunteers had to act quickly and cut the threads in time.

A number of dogs were severely neglected. “One of them was half bald, old, young, pregnant. There was everything in between.” It is not yet known who left the dogs behind. “Of course you don’t know the conditions, but we know for sure that they were eliminated,” van Gesel says.

All Chihuahuas were taken to the animal shelter.

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