36% of readers often leave their phones behind while on vacation

Passport, suitcase, smartphone? For 36 percent of AW readers, vacation is the time to give the phone less attention. 2% leave their smartphone at home.

Using the phone on vacation

However, the majority of survey respondents believe the phone is actually in use as often as normal: 42 percent see no difference in their phone use at home or on vacation, compared to 20 percent who use a moment’s rest for vacation. More time with his phone.

They can be a big stress area when traveling: If you spend a lot of time on your phone, your company will likely address this. At the same time, there are plenty of reasons to grab your phone while on vacation: just check out the reputable restaurant on Tripadvisor, navigate to this attraction’s location via Google Maps or make a reservation for a bike ride through this well-known location.

AW poll

Let’s not forget social media either: Many people don’t really vacation until they share their legs on Ibizan Beach. tik tokOr that picture of ice cream spilling at the Tower of Pisa on Instagram. Be careful though: People who know your address may see this as an invitation to come to your home. And don’t feed your cats or water the plants. ericnl No need to worry about that. “I use it a lot during holidays, but only to take pictures. Social media is absolutely forbidden, just like in normal life.”

Our survey shows that some readers are happy to get some “freedom” from using their smartphone, while others are happy to spend more time with their favorite gadget. Mvansluis For example, it is usually a traveler who uses his phone for the necessary tripadvisor. “I use it a lot on vacation to take/edit/share photos and for things like reading restaurant reviews and navigating. I just hope I don’t use it too much and can finally read a book the old-fashioned way again.†

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We’re curious which book, perhaps, is Florence Perez’s Digital Detox Book?

See you next week, and we’ll be back with a brand new survey that we think you can also fill out from your vacation address. †

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