43-year-old American man arrested after police found nearly 200 animals in freezer: ‘Some of them stung alive’ | the animals

Arizona police have arrested a 43-year-old man from Golden Valley, a subdistrict of Arizona, for animal cruelty. A total of 183 dead animals, including dogs, rabbits and birds, were pulled out of a refrigerator in the man’s home. According to the police, some of the animals were still alive when they were placed inside. The Mojave County Sheriff’s Department reported it itself Facebook social networking site

Police discovered this horrific act after a woman filed a report of suspicious circumstances. The same woman lives in Phoenix, which is a three-hour drive from Golden Valley. She had given her snakes to the suspect to breed. Snakes will return it later. But after a few months, she was unable to reach the suspect.

In the end, the owner of the house in which the suspect lived called the woman. He said the suspect and his wife had moved. While cleaning the house, the owner found a refrigerator full of dead animals in the garage. The woman then filed a report with Arizona police because she was afraid that her snakes were also in the refrigerator.

The suspect has been arrested

The police entered the house and found the refrigerator. It contained about 183 frozen animals: dogs, turtles, birds, lizards, snakes, mice, rats and rabbits. Given the position of some of the animals, police believe that some of them were still alive when the suspect put them in the refrigerator.

The police managed to arrest the man earlier. During interrogation, he admitted that he put some animals in the refrigerator while they were still alive. The man is currently in prison.

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