6/14 Wake-up Call: Sywert van Lienden • Judgment heard in case of ‘Skilled Worker’ Ruinerwold

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What do you expect today?

  • In the Amsterdam court, there is a hearing in the civil case against Sywert van Lienden and his partner Bernd Damme regarding the so-called mouth coverings deal. The two have been temporarily suspended as chairmen of the Auxiliary Alliance Foundation and a judge is deciding whether to separate them permanently.
  • The UK’s first flight to Rwanda is expected to leave today with migrants who came to England by boat across the Channel. The UK struck a deal with Rwanda on migrants earlier this year; They have to apply for asylum in the African country and are never allowed to return to the UK.
  • In Assen, the court will rule on the case against Josef B, a handyman for the Ruinerwold family who lived for years isolated from the outside world. The Public Prosecution is asking for a four-year prison sentence against him for his involvement in the abuse and depriving the family’s children of liberty.
  • The Dutch national team will play the last game in a series of four Nations League matches in De Quebec against Wales. After that, players can go on vacation. The match will be broadcast on NPO 3 (kickoff: 8.45pm) and can also be followed live on NOS.nl.

What did you miss?

Sywert van Lienden and his business associates Bernd Damme, who, as previously reported by this wake-up service, appear in civil court today, and are also suspected of money laundering by the Public Prosecution Office (OM) Camille van Gestel. Norwegian Refugee Council† It was previously known that the judiciary suspected the founders of the alliance of the three auxiliary forces on charges of fraud and embezzlement.

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Other news from the night:

  • Recommendation: Place asylum reception facilities in the municipalities, the central government maintains a reception crisis: on arrival, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) must distinguish between promising and disadvantaged asylum seekers as soon as possible, and much faster than at present. This was stated in the advice of the General Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee on Migration to State Secretary VVD van der Burg.
  • Hollywood Stars After Filming Dramas: The Use of Firearms in Movies Must Change: Nearly two hundred Hollywood stars, including actress Julianne Moore, producer Shonda Rhimes, actor Mark Ruffalo and comedian Amy Schumer, communicate in an open letter the use of responsible firearms in films.
  • The Children’s Ombudsman calls on people to also be aware of bullying outside school hours: “Bullying doesn’t just happen in school, it also happens in the neighbourhood, online, at the gym and even at home,” says Margaret Calverbur, who sees a role for children as well. To the school and other professionals who work with children, such as athletic coaches, youth workers and community police officers.

Then this:

Goalkeeper Tim Kroll’s stance at the 2014 World Cup is reminiscent of us: Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne was allowed to fill the crucial World Cup qualifier against Peru just before the end of extra time, then played a heroic role in the penalty shootout series. . He did a little dance to confuse his opponents and it seemed to work. A penalty hit the post and Redmayne saved a penalty that awarded the Australians a World Cup ticket at the expense of Peru.

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