80 years old causes damage to 300,000 euros for a car wash with an electric car abroad

An 80-year-old man caused nearly 300,000 euros in damage in Lindau, Germany, when not only his own car washes his car, but also two other cars.

Lindau Police stated that in Press release On their official website. The man was the third in line to enter the car wash. In front of him – at the start of the 30-meter car wash – according to the police, there was an “expensive car” and eventually another car, which was nearly ready at that time and dried with a dryer. .

Police say the man stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake while driving to wash the car and was probably “overwhelmed by his powerful electric car.” Since electric cars immediately have full traction at their disposal, there is tremendous acceleration in a matter of seconds.

As a result, the retiree’s electronic car drove the cars in front of him by washing the car completely, police said. The car wash personnel who were in the area at the time were not injured. But the driver of the front car was said to have suffered a stroke. The amount of damage to the car wash itself has not been revealed.

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