A Bycatch podcast about how casual discoveries are changing the world

Tuesday 9 March 2021 – 6:33 p.m.

Sophie Frankenmullen creates a six-volume poem for the unwanted and accidental eureka moments in science. You can learn Sophie from NOSop3, RAMBAM and the University of the Netherlands.

Pill dolls

What is the common denominator between LSD, Viagra, penicillin, microwave, and beyond? It was the science’s accidental catch that changed the world forever. In the new 3FM podcast, Sophie Frankenmullen searches for stories about chance in science.

What are the most interesting and comedic stories about the accidental catch today? This six-part narrative series is an ode to the unplanned, to talented thinkers and curious chance. How it is not possible to plan the most beautiful things, just like in life. This podcast shows that success stories are not always possible. For example, coincidence sometimes occurs when you least expect it.

Unexpectedly, however

Sophie Frankenmullen: “Science tests, and above all, it often fails. But sometimes you have a bite unexpectedly. The researcher pulls his scientific landing net, bends and is in! In its episodic glory: the accidental catch! I talk every week, and it’s … A scientist took an unexpected bite. “

And she continues: “Then you hear the story of the absurd discovery of a chemist and a rock star who made a discovery other than the world, of an archaeologist who accidentally changed history books forever, and many other stories.”


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