A “Day of Victory” has been set for the military intervention in Niger, says a group of West African countries

According to Musa, the “Day of Victory” had already been set for the military intervention, though he did not say when it would be. He indicated that it would be a “short intervention” to “restore constitutional order in the country”.

Somewhat contradicting this statement, Moussa said that states stand idly by and that intervention can begin “as soon as the order is given”. Moussa added, “The military option is not the preferred option, but there is no other option in light of the hardening of the military council in Niger.”

According to Ecowas Commissioner Abdelfattah Moussa (second from the right), it has been decided when to start the military intervention in neighboring Niger.ANP/EPA image

The military leaders of the West African Community have met in Ghana over the past two days to seek a common response to the coup in their region. At the end of July, the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, under the leadership of General Abd al-Rahman al-Qiyani, was overthrown in a coup.

Earlier this month, ECOWAS also threatened military intervention, but despite the expiration of an ultimatum, the two countries have yet to act.

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