A Dutch tour guide makes a special discovery during a Noorderlicht trip: “What is this shade of white?” | science and planet

Travel guide Ramon Lucas of Wierden in the Netherlands didn’t know what he saw last week, while researching the Northern Lights in Norway. A white shadow flew across the magical green light at some point. What was this? “This is a very special situation,” said the Dutchman sarcastically.

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Feel free to contact the photo series that made it unique. Cape Tracks travel guide from Wierden, Ramon Lucas, has been through a lot in his life, but this one surprised him. On a clear evening in Lofoten – an archipelago in Norway – he was posing for a photo with his fellow travelers.

They were lucky that night anyway, because the enchanting, green, mysterious aurora – one of the most unusual natural phenomena in the world – was beautifully visible from the village end. “At about eleven a strange white thing suddenly appeared in the sky, and it flashed on its own,” Lucas describes what happened at the time.

through the horizon

Across the horizon is a diagonally white shadow, across from the Northern Lights. Lucas quickly printed out the scene and captured it in great detail. His images are so unusual that they are a hot topic of debate among believers in UFOs.

Is it a UFO? Is it a plane? No, it’s a missile… © Ramon Lucas

Landsat 9

Travel Guide Find out the real answer is something else, the next morning. Which is a little less exciting, but still very special. The white light relates to a missile launch from California, more than 7,000 kilometers (!) away. At that time, the Landsat 9 satellite, an Earth observation satellite, departed from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. For enthusiasts: This happened on the Atlas V 401 launcher.

It is one of the most advanced Earth observation satellites, which will have to provide detailed images of our Earth every sixteen days.

Belgian UFO Hotline

The shadow of the satellite launch was also spotted with us: The Belgian UFO hotline has received many reports, messages and photos of an unusual light phenomenon that suddenly appeared over Flanders.. “These people were allowed to observe a rather unique phenomenon,” Frederic Delayer of the Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center explained to HLN LIVE. “It doesn’t happen often that you ever see something like this.”

For a Dutch travel guide, it remains quite special. Well, he also had the magical aurora borealis at the top.

“This is a very special situation. It takes a great deal of luck,” he confirms. “First of all, the aurora borealis is not always visible. Also, rocket launches are intermittent and therefore should be clear in the sky.” And then Lucas forgets the most important thing: You just have to be there to catch her on the delicate plate.

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A shadow suddenly appeared from behind the mountains.

A shadow suddenly appeared from behind the mountains. © Ramon Lucas

Landsat 9 departure last Monday in California.

Landsat 9 departure last Monday in California. © AFP

A special blend: the aurora borealis and white shimmer.

A special blend: the aurora borealis and white shimmer. © Ramon Lucas

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