“A new concept that responds to the demand for healthy, flexible and sustainable food in the workplace”

Vermaat Groep acquires a majority stake in the Join Disrupter Corporate Catering Program, which was founded by concept developer enbiun. Vermaat thus becomes the driving force behind Join’s growth and social impact. The Join program offers a solution for companies that want their employees to eat healthy food in a sustainable and flexible way.

Join’s catering concept has been offering healthy, sustainable nutritional programs for businesses large and small since 2019. They and their employees pass menu choices, personal preferences, and user feedback through an app. Based on this data, food coordinators prepare healthy and delicious dishes and menus, prepared in a central location using local and seasonal produce. So the set of dishes and the layout of the service meets the wishes of each customer and his staff.

Flexibility and less food print
Constant changes in office occupancy require greater flexibility in planning. The onboarding approach provides this flexibility and thus reduces food waste. In addition to focusing on more vegetables and fewer animal products, this results in a marked reduction in food print.

“Office life is going through a lot of changes. Successful companies differentiate themselves by focusing on sustainability and healthy, satisfied employees. Joining the program responds to the demand for flexible, high-quality catering services. With this, Vermaat is taking the next step to make healthy and sustainable food and beverage accessible to everyone. Apply to join the program Employees and office managers ask for feedback and give feedback. So the menu view closely matches their desires Joining the program will have an important impact on the way Vermaat serves its customers.

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Centralized setup, on-site service
The Vermaat and Join program has made the platform suitable for companies with fifty to a thousand employees, as well as in multi-company buildings. Centralized production has the additional advantage of employers and multi-tenant premises in that they do not have to set up a professional kitchen themselves.

The Affiliate Program Food Coordinator team develops dining programs for these companies based on the personal preferences that employers and employees communicate via the app. Based on trends, seasons, and user feedback, the Food Coordinator’s team refines these programs daily to meet high standards of quality and sustainability.

own philosophy
The Affiliate Program focuses on employers who see good, healthy, varied food and contemporary service as important components of the loyalty and productivity of their employees, customers, and guests. The philosophy is that a well-researched food program contributes greatly to the quality, health and sustainability of the offering.

”In our conversations with employers, we note that our philosophy is an answer to the challenges they face. We focus on user satisfaction and principles such as healthy, local and sustainable. Our approach is iterative. No further development without feedback! Joining the program means the movement of employees and employers who believe in this approach and want to contribute to an increasingly better program and service. That’s why we’re so proud that Vermaat Groep wants to support our initiative and invest in this important growth. According to Join Program Director Maurits Tofohr, who started this initiative from enbiun together with partner Jan Willem van de Sande, we can also make an even bigger impact with more scale.

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