A new rumor says that two Apple events will be held in September

We know that Apple plans to release a number of new devices before the end of the year – including: iPhone 13employment Apple Watch 7employment iPad mini 6, New one iPad base modelemployment Update AirPods employment And by MacBook Designer – But when will the products be revealed?

According to a new article written by DigiTimesWith information drawn from sources within Apple’s supply chain, all new devices will be launched in September 2021 through two virtual events streamed online.

This would be a somewhat unusual downfall plan for Apple, if the article is correct, but still quite unlikely – it’s ultimately easier to produce two virtual events, previously filmed without the audience, than to create a real one. Produce. Large-scale events in the physical exhibition hall.

This is how Apple solved last year

Apple has had a lot of ideas over the past 3 years, and it all starts with: New iPhone Model in September. However, last year’s launch has been negatively affected by the ongoing pandemic.

have Apple Watch 6 I am September 2020 guys iPhone 12 The following month came, in October. Then, in November, Apple introduced M1 . processor And the first machines I used: MacBook Airemployment Mac mini And the 13-inch version of MacBook Pro.

If the new article makes it to the site with its predictions, Apple will try to include a similar amount of ads in a much shorter period of time – it will be a difficult task, but we promise we will finish all the relevant information.

It may be difficult for Apple with two events in September

iPhone 12 mini (Image credit: Abandon)

DigiTimes usually has a pretty good forecast success rate based on information from Apple’s supply chain, but its reach isn’t 100% — and now it seems pretty ambitious to release everything in September.

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While it shouldn’t necessarily be too difficult to put together some virtual presentations for the first month of fall — video production can go on year-round as the hardware is complete — there’s still plenty of logistics to get around it. Several products should be launched almost simultaneously.

That’s a huge amount of information that will be changed on Apple’s websites, huge amounts of shipping units to be mastered, and engineering work that will be limited to finished products. In this case, it will be Apple’s busiest month ever, as the company (like everyone else) continues to grapple with the increasing burdens caused by the pandemic. Choosing to deploy your launches overseas will give you more time to resolve unexpected issues.

At the same time, it was, of course, nice to surprise Apple. As mentioned Mac rumorsThe frantic launch window will be able to catch up with back-to-school campaigns — and if the hardware is already completed in September, Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple gang might think they’re making it easier in the first place. It can be done.

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