A US Navy engineer plans to sell secrets about nuclear submarines

The nuclear engineer is said to have sent information to a foreign government in April 2020, asking it to pass that information on to military intelligence. The US judiciary did not reveal the country involved. Representatives of this country provided the information to the FBI of the US Federal Police in December 2020. FBI agents then contacted the engineer via an encrypted connection and paid him cryptocurrencies for the information.

In June of this year, the engineer agreed to deposit a memory card containing classified information for the alleged intelligence agency at a site in the US state of West Virginia. His wife would help him with that. According to the indictment, the FBI found a memory card containing 16 gigabytes of data hidden in a sandwich. The map contained military secrets related to the construction, operation, and performance of nuclear-powered submarines.

After another push, the engineer handed the buyers – the FBI – in July a larger memory card containing even more classified information. A third exchange took place in August. According to the FBI, the information was about Virginia-class submarines. Each one cost about $3 billion and are among the Navy’s most advanced submarines. The ships are expected to remain in service until at least 2060.

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