According to experts, the stove of flower pots is unhygienic and dangerous

You see them often: flower pot heaters. A clay pot that you place upside down over a number of tea lamps. People claim that it will heat your home. A perfect solution to high energy prices or so it seems. Experts say it’s a “very bad idea”.

So it is wise to find another solution, because even firefighters warn against it.

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The trick has been around for years, but due to the current situation, the invention is making a comeback. You see one TikTok hack after another. The hype has already gone so that there are now constructions ready. It is sold on for at least 35 euros. Everything seems completely innocent, but nothing could be further from the truth.


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So says physicist Adrian ter Brack from the magazine Search That jars have no effect at all: “I can imagine you’re desperate. It’s bad that people are taking advantage of this.” He thinks it’s a very bad idea and adds, “If we can generate heat with a flower pot, the world will be saved. Then we won’t have a power problem anymore.”

The fire brigade warns of the flower pot burner

The fire brigade agrees. The spokesperson says that for various reasons it is better to turn off the vase burner. Firstly, the yield is much lower than that of a gas central heating boiler. Smoke is also harmful to your health and a fire hazard. Tea lights are often unstable and/or too close to each other, which can cause a flame.

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search platform measurements cheater It turns out that there is a huge mistake in the pottery crafts. The flower pot disrupts the normal combustion of paraffin, the flammable oil in tea lamps. This creates a massive amount of ultrafine particles, which can be compared to 2.5 times the value measured along a busy highway. Without a flower pot, the number of harmful substances is much less.

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Flowerpot stove: very popular, but unhealthy and dangerous, according to experts

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