According to the experts, the Queen was the best thing that could happen to chess

I tell my daughter (13 years old) about Indy Melink, a young Dutch woman who has improved the card game. While playing cards, she suddenly wondered: Why is a man always more valuable than a lady? I decided to replace the figures with Olympic metals: gold, silver and bronze. In this way she removed inequality from the world and the card game.

I think it is noble to get rid of stereotypes. However, my daughter was less impressed. “What about chess?” She asks criticized. “Should that be changed as well? There the king is the doorman. He may move easily in one place. He must constantly flee runners, pawns and horses.”

It’s true: In chess, a king is a mussel lying under his mate’s slavs. However, that was different once. When the Arabs introduced chess to Europe in the 10th century, it didn’t even have a queen. In their place stood an advisor, the so-called fers or knights. It was the weakest piece on a chessboard and was only allowed to move one square by an angle.

At some point in the 16th century, someone with great love for women must have promoted mares into a powerful queen. Exactly how it went has vanished into the mists of time. But experts say it was the best thing that could happen to chess. The Daring Queen sped up the game. It made her compelling, charming and tragic.

The great professor Anatoly Karpov once said: “Chess is everything: art, science and sport.” The image of this universe recently got a big boost thanks Queen’s gambit On Netflix. Since then, chess boards have not been dragged; On Christmas, they were among the top ten most popular gifts. Two friends have already asked me to teach them how to play chess, hoping Anya Taylor-Joy will shine on them both. Act an amazing actress with piercing eyes, and you can’t even be upset Sexy as hell To manufacture.

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On Sexy as hell Spoken: As a kid, one of my most prized possessions was the chess computer from Tandy (a once popular electronics series whose name appears to mean technology and you). Chess computers today make ground meat for masters of humans. The nice thing is, my early model was still a bit loser. If you try really hard, I might get checkmate every now and then. It was lost, then it appeared on the LCD. The messages were so small that you swear he’s shy.

I recently stumbled upon the thing in a box in my mother’s attic. I hid under notebooks filled with universal translation and catechesis. I plugged a battery into the provided compartment and inserted “d2-d4”. The thing immediately reacted: “d7-d5”, as if he had been waiting for a match the whole time. I respect intelligence superior to mine that can be revived by nine volts.

I intend to play more, because play is an escape route at times when escape routes are vitally important. As an escape route, you can play chess, experience ecstasy, or participate in a trio for the first time.

As is often the case, I pick the most exciting when in doubt.

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