Adriaan van Dis cannot present VPRO Zomergasten due to health

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For health reasons, Adriaan van Dis has had to make the decision not to present the next season of VPRO Zomergasten on the advice of treatment specialists. “Unfortunately, I have to wait now. I expect a speedy recovery.”

Last modified: June 28, 2024 at 3:14 pm

VPRO obviously thinks this is a shame, but Adrian’s health comes first. VPRO wishes him a speedy recovery.

In consultation with Adrian, the presentation will be presented by former Zomergasten presenters. They are: Janine Abring, Jelle Brandt Curstius, Haneke Gruntmann, Peter van Engen, Margarete van der Linden, and Joris Luyendyk.

The first episode of VPRO Zomergasten can be watched on July 21.

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