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Did you know that a person has around 60,000 ideas per day? And that many of these thoughts are negative? However, you can give it a positive role with affirmations. What do you want to focus your attention on?

Everything you care about grows. In other words, whether you think negative or positive, you become what you think! Understanding this will help you understand the importance of having strong, positive thoughts. You can do this with affirmations. These are strong positive statements that you say. This way you cultivate powerful thoughts in your subconscious. It is best to write the sentences and say them out loud when you wake up and before bed.

Affirmations have helped me become healthier. Where even 3 years ago I still had a lot of problems with my back, now I’m done. I’ve been walking around with back problems for many years. I had a back patient on my mind and thought I would never get rid of this. I exercised and went to a therapist regularly. It helped me a little, but because I was sick in my head, my subconscious mind kept believing it. Since I started using my affirmation, my back doesn’t bother me anymore. The last percentage is negligible, and if the problems persist, they disappear after a day.

“ I feel fit, energetic and healthy. ”

It is important to make your affirmation positive and strong. The phrase “I don’t want a problem with my back” focuses on something negative on my back and is therefore not working. You have to formulate what you want. In my case it became: “I feel fit, energetic, and healthy.” This is what I wanted! I’ve been saying this to myself 5 times every day for 8 months. Sometimes in a loud voice, sometimes to myself, and sometimes in front of a mirror. It is important that you really believe in your affirmation. And you definitely utter it. When I say the phrase I truly believe I’m fit, energetic, and healthy! I totally lost the misconception that I am my back patient.

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