Afghanistan survey: Many veterans report health problems

– Those who were sent to the service have already been carefully selected. They have good physical and mental health. Despite this, 10 percent reported mental health problems. This worries us, Chief Defense Eric Kristofferson said on today’s show.

The survey was conducted in the fall of 2020, and more than 6,200 veterans serving in Afghanistan responded to the survey. More than 9,000 soldiers served in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021. This corresponds to a 67.7 percent response. 10.4% of respondents answered that they had one or more mental health problems at the time of the survey. This is a 2.2 percent increase over a similar study published in 2012.

Unforgettable mental health
It was the sanitation of the armed forces that carried out the investigation, and it can be read she has.

The increased number is not a sign of mental health being overlooked, but rather a result of people’s stress, says Hans Jacob Boe, director of the Armed Forces Survey Project. website.

The report was submitted by Hans Jacob Boe. Chief of Defense General Eric Kristofferson handed the report to Secretary of Defense Frank Buck Jensen.

Of the veterans who answered the survey, 78 percent answered that they served in high-risk situations. 45.5 percent reported being attacked by enemies and 19.5 percent said they had had moments when they thought they would lose their lives.

conclusions report
The report’s conclusions and individual effects describe the excessive frequency of physical illness among those who report mental illness. Both physical and mental illnesses are described as clearly related to races in service, even many years after the events.

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No gender differences were found. However, a large number of mental health problems were found among those who left the service in Afghanistan, compared to those who remained in the armed forces.

In addition, it states that health professionals should be aware of and monitor physical health problems. It is described that veterans who seek help with physical health problems may experience a heavy burden over time that may be relevant to understanding and treating physical health problems. It also states that it may be appropriate to select an additional service of potentially large tonnage.

In conclusion, it is argued that the assumptions that women are more likely to develop mental health problems after severe stress in a military context need to be explored further, as the results of the study have gone through many previous studies.

Know the value
John Reichelt, Major General and Chief of Sanitation of the Armed Forces, in conversation with the Armed Forces website He would like to thank the veterans who participated in the study.

Thanks to all the veterans who responded to the survey. This gives us valuable knowledge about the performance of veterans over time. This knowledge helps both the military and civilian health services provide quality follow-up care, Richelt says.

From the press conference where the Afghan research findings report was presented. Left to Right: Veteran Inspector Morten Henriksen, Secretary of Defense Frank Buck Jensen, Chief of Defense General Eric Kristofferson, and Chief of Health Defense Major General John G. Photo: Torbjorn Kgosfold/Armed Forces

The Armed Forces wrote that the study’s findings will be important to improving the care of veterans.

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The Armed Forces are continually working to increase the quality of education, counseling, stress management, and follow-up for permanent service and trauma veterans. As a veteran, you should make sure you get the health care you need if you experience health problems after participating in an international surgery, says Reichelt.

The Armed Forces are now sending out a new survey of Norwegian veterans and their families to understand how serving in international operations affects the entire family.

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