After being fined in the European Championship final, the debate over racism in England arises

The day after England lost the final of the European Football Championship, the British were talking not only about the penalties they had missed and the misunderstood alternatives, but above all about racism.

The final battle for the British was further obscured by racist messages on the social media pages of Bukayo Saga (19), Marcus Rashford (23) and Jadon Sancho (21): three young black soldiers who each missed a penalty. , After which Italy won. Within minutes of the final whistle, the footballers – a few hours earlier – were celebrating as heroes Three lions Can help a European topic – bombshells with monkeys, bananas and rough emojis and repetitive unqualified songs.

Also, a mural of Rashford in Manchester on Sunday night daub. These activities seem to be mainly carried out by football fans who cannot bear the fact that they have lost their chance for the first European Championship title.

Prime Minister Johnson has been accused of doing little against racism

The fans were immediately subjected to harsh criticism. Published by English Football Association FA a Report In it he talks about ‘disgusting behavior’ that should be punished. Within half an hour it was stressed National team These footballers ‘gave it their all’ for the English team. National coach Gareth Southgate Called The conduct of a press conference on Monday was “unforgivable” and used in UEFA Report Similar terms. Police have launched an investigation.

‘Racism starts above’

Not only the authors of racist texts but also the critics can be trusted. The British government has also been accused of publishing these statements because critics say it is too low to prevent racism. For example, commentator and former footballer Gary Neville recalled on Sky News that Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused last month. To reprimand supporters He shouted at football players who knelt before the game in protest of racism.

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“It is not right for the people of this country to make fun of soldiers who try to promote equality and defend themselves against racism,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then [racisme] He told me about Sunday night events, so I was not surprised.

Home Minister Priti Patel, who Said before Supporters have the ‘flower’ right to bring football players to their knees, calling the protest “symbolic politics” on Monday after condemning racism in a short statement on Sunday night. Defender Tyrone Mings stands in line Twitter You can’t ignite it yourself […] Pretend to be disgusted when campaigning for yourself happens. “

Writer Musa Okwonga further stressed That on Twitter The Johnson administration recently released a controversial study claiming that there is no institutional racism in the UK – a critique VN-experts.

Johnson On Monday, like Patel, he talked about racism against English footballers; He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. But according to his political opponents, viz Too late. So said Labor leader Khair Storm said Johnson had previously failed to express his support for soldiers who had previously landed on their knees because “the inaction of leaders is having consequences” and “the words of today’s Prime Minister are empty”.

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It looks like the European Championship final in England will polarize, instead of the fraternity that football can bring. But some tweeters stayed on the platform to report any racist news that happened to them on Sunday night; Hundreds of messages have now been sent Deleted. It has been found that at least one football fan has published racist messages. He was with his club Leighton Orient for three years Suspended.

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Moreover, racist slogans and emojis have now led to hundreds of thousands of statements of support. For example, on Monday evening the Instagram pages of Bukayo Saga show fans and fellow football players expressing their support and only messages supporting him. One fan wrote: “Brother, keep your head up. Messi and Ronaldo also missed important penalties. ”

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