After the “comfort” on the balcony of Buckingham Palace: The Queen left for the annual ceremony on Friday

The pictures were not immediately apparent, but tonight Buckingham Palace reported that the Queen had experienced “discomfort” on the balcony. “The Queen enjoyed the military parade and air show a lot, but also experienced some discomfort,” it said. So the Queen will not be attending the Thanksgiving ceremony to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London tomorrow. “Considering the trip and everything needed to attend it, he has reluctantly decided not to attend.” According to the press release, the Queen will set fire to Windsor Castle tonight.

According to the BBC, the movement issues the Queen previously faced are now throwing a spanner at work. “It’s very sad that the Queen is leaving the Thanksgiving service on Friday,” said Royalty journalist Sean Cochlear. She is deeply religious and serving at St. Paul’s Cathedral this weekend would have been one of her highest priorities. To cancel events, a trip to the cathedral, a procession and the length of the church service: it seems to have become too difficult. “

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