Aldrin’s coat auctioned for $2.7 million during moon flight

Buzz Aldrin, 92, the second human to set foot on the moon, had several pieces from his personal collection for sale. “After careful consideration,” he said, “it seems time for the world to share these things, which for many people represent a historic moment. To me, these things have always remained personal mementos from a life devoted to science and research.” . Aldrin.

The white jacket – bearing the American flag, NASA logos, the Apollo 11 mission, and the “E. ALDRIN” sign – was the masterpiece of the auction. However, the jacket has nothing to do with the spacesuit Aldrin wore when he set foot on the moon in July 1969. He wore the jacket aboard Apollo 11, during the three-day outbound flight and during the return flight. The suits Buzz Aldrin and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong wore while on the moon are in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington.

Buzz Aldrin is the only astronaut to have been part of the Apollo 11 mission. A total of 68 Buzz Aldrin pieces hit the proverbial hammer on Tuesday. The auction raised $8.2 million.

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