Alec Siegart could take the silver: “I started with ambition, but the strongest won” | World Cycling Championship

It looked rosy for half the time, but eventually Alec Siegart had to bow his head. Lorenzo Melese rose above himself and beat the Belgian front-runner. “In the end I had a little less than I had hoped,” the silver medalist analyzed.

Advance 10″26 at the first intermediate point after 12.6 km.
Progress 3’86 at the second intermediate point after 23.1 km.
A deficit of 3.80 at the third intermediate point after 31.8 km.

A deficit of 11.27 at the finish after 36.2 kilometers.

Alec Segaert started his career like a whirlwind, but was unable to freeze his bonus on Lorenzo Milesi (DSM Pro).

“I stand here with a few mixed emotions,” he said after the podium. “I came to win, I won’t hide it.”

“But I did everything I could and 11” is a clear margin. That doesn’t lie in a course like this. The strongest won today.”

Segaert got off to an excellent start. “I started with ambition. In the World Cup, you have to expect a great day if you want to participate. That gave me confidence immediately and I quickly found the Italian in front of me.”

I said earlier: If you get the most out of it and if one person is stronger, so be it. Disappointment will change.

Alec Sigart

“That gave me a boost too, but in the end I was left with a little less than I had hoped.”

“I tried to follow the pace plan as much as possible, but it was tough on the last climb and that’s where I should have been. boenk higher.”

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“I knew it was still possible, but I’ve been a little quieter than I had hoped. So I don’t have much to blame myself for.”

“Melesi is also a very strong rider. I’ve met him a few times and he actually beat me in a short time trial.”

“I always keep him in mind and wish him the best. He’s a strong, great driver. I put myself above him a little bit, but he did very well.”

In the end, Sigart himself also realizes that silver is nothing but shame. “I said beforehand: If you get the most out of it and if there’s one person stronger, so be it. Until next year. Disappointment will change.”

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Jonathan Verveen: “It wasn’t a great day, it was just a good day.”

Jonathan Verveen (20) was secretly hoping to make the top five, but that was too ambitious. He replied: “Am I satisfied?”

The second Belgian in this time trial eventually finished 11th with a time of 1’42” behind winner Lorenzo Melese.

“I fell a little short of my pace plan, but I’m satisfied. It wasn’t a great day, just a good day.”

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