All Moorsele elementary school pupils will be tested Tuesday after injury at daycare –

On Tuesday, all BAMO Primary School students in Wevelgem Borough of Moorsele will be tested for the coronavirus. Management and Leieland Pupil Orientation Center made the decision after two pre-school children and four primary school children tested positive last week.

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A small outbreak of coronavirus has been identified at Moorsele Primary School. After the after-school care workers were infected, it was already decided last week to put 75 children in quarantine. Meanwhile, it was also found that six students, including two pre-school children, had tested positive. So many parents wondered out loud why the school was not completely closed. Since there is enough staff to continue teaching, either in the classroom or for children at home, this has proven unnecessary. After repeated consultations between management and CLB Leieland, it was decided to organize a public test tour on Tuesday. The School Board and Wevelgem City Council also require extensive testing at the school. “By doing this, the school assumes its social responsibility, so that the extent of the potential contamination is fully determined,” emphasizes Coordinating Director Hans Sennheff. “In this way, more pollution can also be avoided during the activities during the spring break.” This test is taken on a Tuesday afternoon, with one test line for preschoolers and four for elementary school children. Results will be announced on Thursday. Children who have already been tested are being followed up by a general practitioner as a result of high-risk contact with a GP. The test will be conducted at BAMO by a team of experts from UZ Gent.

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