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According to a distribution center employee who told his story anonymously, it often includes more than 100,000 items per week. It could be anything: brand new TVs, expensive Tyson vacuum cleaners, books, headphones, but mouth caps made of plastic. According to the employee, half of the destroyed items are new and the rest are in good condition.

Most of the goods are taken to recycling centers, but ITV lorries were also seen heading to the mainland. The materials could easily have been donated to charities. Amazon does that too, but with far fewer products.

Destroying products is linked to Amazon’s business model. The US company also stores the products of other companies that it sells through the Amazon platform at its distribution centers. Vendors pay for this and long products are not sold, it becomes more expensive. So it will become cheaper for those sellers to clear the goods at some point.

In a statement, Amazon denies that goods in the UK go straight to land. The company says it intends to resell, donate or recycle to charities. “We are working towards a goal where no products are rejected.”

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