Ambramovich’s yacht is not in the series because it was changed in time

Oligarch Roman Abramovich narrowly avoided confiscation of his yacht “Aquamarine” by donating it (temporarily) to a business partner. To write in the British newspaper Watchman

Built by a Dutch company in 2021, the Aquamarine is about fifty meters long and estimated at 37 million euros, and is currently located in Vlissingen. Until February 24, the yacht was owned by Roman Abramovich’s oligarch, but on the day of the Russian invasion, one of his business partners, David Davidovich, became the owner. “I can indeed confirm that I am the owner of Aquamarine as well as the company that owns the yacht, MHC Jersey,” Davidovich said. Watchman† Davidovich also became owner of Norma Investments on February 24, according to The Wall Street Journal Until the time of the Russian invasion it was also in the hands of Abramovich.

Ambramović’s yacht was brought to Vlissingen in November last year to “change some structural matters”. Since March 10, the day the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on the oligarch, business has stopped. Only the ship’s crew remains on board at work.

No less than five yachts

Last Wednesday, the Netherlands reported that 14 Russian yachts were seized as part of EU sanctions against Russia. Twelve of these were still under construction. Aquamarine will not be restricted at this time.

Abramovich is said to own no less than five yachts in total. Two of his giant yachts have fled to Turkey to evade European sanctions, while two smaller yachts are seeking protection from sanctions off the Caribbean island of Antigua. Staff on board will still work on all yachts.

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