AMD Threadripper: Now only Pro CPUs, 5000WX line still available separately this year

While AMD unveiled the Threadripper Pro 5000WX series in early March, these high-end CPUs have so far only been available on Lenovo workstations. Meanwhile, the red team has confirmed that systems from other manufacturers (such as Dell) will also be available from July. Additionally, these Zen 3-based chips will go on sale separately later this year.

For example, the manufacturer specifically mentions Threadripper Pro 5995WX (64c/128t), 5975WX (32c/64t), and 5965WX (24c/48t), and it’s not clear if 16- and 12-head models will also be on sale. In order to offer a more consistent platform, AMD will only release Threadripper Pro storage units from the 5000 series onwards. Compared to previous generations, consumers will not only be able to purchase Pro models.

A quick overview of all Threadripper Pro 5000WX chips.

This means that all Threadripper CPUs now offer 128 lanes of 4th generation, support for eight channels of memory and the security and management features that come with the Pro line. Furthermore, some WRX80 motherboards can also be used to boost processor speed and memory, although we won’t go into details.


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