An expensive Lamborghini caught fire after an uproar on a street in Eindhoven outside the country

An expensive Lamborghini caught fire in the Dutch city of Eindhoven at night from Thursday to Friday. It happened after a fierce battle. The firefighters were on the scene quickly but could not save the car – a Lamborghini Urus.

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The Lamborghini, which has a catalog value of 300,000 euros, was parked in the Stratum district. A local resident watched it all happen around 1:30 AM. “I happened to be still awake. At first someone threw something burning under the car and then a woman started screaming loudly. Meanwhile, the whole car caught fire.”

The Lamborghini fire with a new value of about 300,000 euros started in the front of the car. © AS Media

Can’t save anymore

When the police and firefighters arrived, the culprits had flown by. The fire broke out immediately, but the car was not saved. According to the police, the owner went with him to file a report. Nothing is known about the cause of the fight.


The car has been here before, with ad texts on the side. I heard that the owner here often visits a woman in the apartment.

local resident

After a day, as the car was so expensive, only a black spot and foam residue from the extinguishing could be seen. Many locals did not notice the fire. “I was sleeping, and only this morning I heard about a fire,” says an elderly man. “The car was here before, with advertising texts on the side. I heard the owner here often visits a woman in the apartment.”

screaming in the street

Another resident heard the screaming in the street. “But I didn’t pay any attention to it. I only heard about the fire this morning. It is very intense.”

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