Andre Vermulan: “I suggested Barbara Tex should wear a different outfit”

The Barbara Tex Award has been around since 1997 and has been nominated for a Belgian entry since 1993. Barbara Tex sang the song in a light yellow dress. “He also wore canary yellow shoes,” he said Andre Vermulan #Weetikveel on the podcast again.

“I didn’t like that dress, so my camera crew recommended that I go to Barbara Tex’s hotel and pick up the black dress she was wearing during the pre – selection.”

“Unfortunately, his entourage did not think it was a good idea, because the audience had already seen the black dress.

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“It’s a pity that Barbara’s name is associated with that gift, because she’s a good singer after all,” concludes Andre Vermulan.

It’s a pity that Barbara’s name is attached to that gift, because after all she’s a good singer.

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From this year 5

So the gold was for Norway this year. The silver and bronze of the sport-oriented prize went to Romania (Roxanne) and Croatia (Albina).

The United Kingdom is in fourth place. Israel came in fifth.

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