Android phones are getting features that iPhones have had for years

With Android 13, you will be able to change the brightness of the lamp, a feature that has been available on Apple devices for a long time. Google is working on the necessary tools in Android 13, but it still needs some effort from smartphone manufacturers.

Android 13 flashlight

You may be wondering what is the main purpose of flash which is always present on every Android phone. Of course it can be useful in some cases when shooting in the dark, but in many situations such a small flash fails to take really good photos.

In practice, I turn off the flash in the camera app by default, but I mainly use the LED as a flashlight in the dark. Just like with iOS phones, Google now wants to roll out a function that allows users to control the brightness of the lamp themselves, you know esper† It now often happens that you are blinding the people around you because the lamp shines at full brightness unnecessarily.


Google wants to roll out optimization in Android 13 They are working on new APIs that allow for lamp brightness levels. However, there is one hitch for users who are looking for a better flashlight, smartphone manufacturers have to update their camera software. Of course, not all brands will be willing to do this. We can expect the feature to be available on Google Pixels.

There are already some Android manufacturers who have made their own system with which their users can adjust the brightness of the flashlight. The feature has been available for some time on Samsung phones. Finally, we’re very curious: What do you use the most LED on the back of your phone? As a camera flash or as a flashlight in the dark? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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All about Android 13

Last month, Google made the first developer preview of Android 13 available to developers. You can read the most important new functions already known in the articles below:

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