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Jessica Springsteen, daughter of American rock singer Bruce Springsteen, is allowed to join the US equestrian team at the Olympics (July 23 – August 8) in Tokyo for the first time. This was confirmed by the American Equestrian Federation. She travels to Japan with a Belgian horse.

Martin VanhoveSource: Arnott Coopers

29-year-old Jessica Springsteen will compete in Tokyo with Don Juan van de Donquev, a 12-year-old Belgian sports horse.

Within the American team, another rider with a Belgian horse was selected: Kent Farrington with the Belgian Gazelle. There are still many countries that rely on a Belgian horse.

An overview of all the Belgian horses in the Olympic Games:


Edwina Tops-Alexander – Identity Vitseroel (bred by Michel Vanderhasselt)


Niels Bruynseels – Delux van T&L (Breeded by T&L NV)

Eve Vanderhasselt – Jeunesse (bred by De Manekam CVBA) – Reserve


Christian Kocock – Mumbai (bred by Kurt de Clerc)

Daniel Deusser – Killer Queen VDM (Breeded by Dirk Ann Brugman-Carpenter)


Simon Delestre – Berlux Z (Breeded by Laveco NV)


Shane Sweetnam – Karlin van ‘t Vennehof (bred by Jos Voeten) – Reserve


Eugenio Garza Perez – Armani SL Z (Breeded by Thierry Hendricks)

Manuel Gonzalez Dufrasne – Hydrangea van de Leeuwerk (bred by Ronald Jossen)


Eduardo Alvarez Aznar – Legend (bred by Jonas Boone)

United kingdom

Scott Brach – Hi Jefferson (born in Jerenmias van het Hulstenhof, bred by Bernard Mulls)

Harry Charles – Romeo 88 (born as Picobello Z Champion, bred by Picobello Horses)

United States of America

Jessica Springsteen – Don Juan van de Donkhove (bred by Gustave Quintelere)

Kent Farrington – Gazelle (bred by Werner Hyunnix-Van Horneke)


Malin Baryard Johnson – Indiana (bred by W. Vanderlinden-Van Turtelbaum-Royce)

Henrik von Eckermann – King Edward (bred by Wim Empins)





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