Apex Legends Season 9 will have a ‘colossal amount’ of Titanfall content

Season 9 of Apex Legends will bring “a lot of Titanfall into the game”. It is the first time since 2016 that content about Titanfall has been worked on.

Dexter Reports indicate that several Respawn Apex Legends developers attended a session they hosted BrownGirlGamerCode. The panel spoke of “really cool things” that Titanfall fans could look forward to.

“Next season, Season 9, will somehow bring a lot of Titanfall content to the game. I’ve told people about this before, but if you’re a fan of Titanfall then be sure to watch Season 9 because it’s coming. Lots of great content,” says the manager. The game is Chad Grenier.

Great writer Ashley Reed talks about how Apex Legends and Titanfall are related and the logical next step in this partnership.

“What happens in Apex is the result of the war in Titanfall, but what does life look like in these places? We are trying to integrate Titanfall into Apex Legends because Titanfall is part of this universe.”

There are indeed giant Titanfall weapons and Leviathans / Moyais in Apex Legends, but it looks like more are being added.

Titanfall Season 9 should be available in May 2021.

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