Apple could soon save your life with… AirPods Pro 2?

There is a lot of speculation about the successor to Apple’s AirPods Pro, which may have important health functions. The Apple Watch isn’t the only product the company uses for health purposes. The first AirPods Pro also had functions that allow you to monitor your health. There are still many rumors. One of the rumors suggests that Apple is also working on new features for the phones. Those features would be related to IG and live streams of the platform. It’s still a chance to buy Instagram views to get more recognition on the social platform. After the new features, people will right away to the Instagram live stream and video views, so it’s very important to start with the authority.

The AirPods Pro successor, now called Pro 2, may receive functionality that allows you to monitor your health. If this rumor is true, it is not surprising. The first generation of earplugs also offers functions that allow you to visualize the pace of your breathing, among other things.

Apple invests more in health

For this purpose, Apple uses two microphones that are on the AirPods Pro. Frequency is measured before, during and after exercise. Using a neural network, a company can filter ambient sounds to get a proper result and analyze the sounds. This is according to research by the iPhone maker.

De AirPods Pro (Photo: Apple)

When a user breathes more than 25 times per minute, this is a sign that something is wrong. And AirPods Pro can measure that. This feature is expected with the release of watchOS 8. The data collected will also be presented in the official health app shortly thereafter.

New Features for iOS 15

In addition, iOS 15 will soon be able to detect whether the user is walking briskly or not. If the gait is deviated, this may indicate an imminent fall. In addition, you can easily share some information related to your health with your doctor, parents, children and potential partners.

iOS 15: AirPods Pro and AirPods Max get AirTag processing

For now, the Apple Watch is the go-to device if you’re looking for a health monitor within the Apple ecosystem. But in the future, AirPods Pro (2) could also play a major role in this matter accomplishedBy caring about other things. The new earplugs are not expected to be used until sometime next year.

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Apple could soon save your life with… AirPods Pro 2?

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