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Archaeologists have discovered the largest Roman mosaic area in London in more than 50 years. Precious tile work was found near London Bridge. According to experts, mosaics adorned the floors of the Roman dining room.

Archaeologists from the Museum of London Archeology (MOLA) discovered the mosaic earlier this month during excavations at the site of a new complex. “It’s a really special find,” Sophie Jackson, director of developer services at MOLA told CNN. Jackson added that large Roman mosaics were not often built in London because it was such a busy city.

The mosaic consists of two panels believed to be approximately 2,000 years old. They are decorated with flowers and geometric patterns. The largest panel is decorated with large, colorful flowers, surrounded by ribbons of interwoven threads, a theme known as guilloche. There are also lotus flowers and various geometric elements, including a pattern known as Solomon’s knot, made up of two intertwined rings. The smaller plate has a simpler design, with two Solomon buttons, two stylized flowerpots, and patterns in red, white, and black.

Archaeologists believe that the mosaic room was three-dimensional. This room has dining benches where people can lie down to eat and drink. The dining room where the mosaics were found is said to have been part of a Roman palace, a type of luxury motel offering accommodation, storage space, and dining options. The residence was used by couriers and officials traveling to and from the Roman city of Londinium.

3D model of the discovery is here to watch.

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