Arsenal vs Newcastle Live: Latest FA Cup Updates Today

As behind the scenes Arsenal Get ready for the FA Cup clash against Newcastle

Arsenal face United at Newcastle in the third round of the FA Cup today as Michael Arteta’s side begin their title defense. The Gunners have struggled for most of the current campaign, but have found form after beating Chelsea. Arsenal then finished with three consecutive wins, beating Brighton and West Brom, renewing some confidence ahead of the start of this season’s FA Cup tour.

Newcastle, meanwhile, have recently seen their own form falter and the Macbeths have not won all previous matches in the previous six games – a run that includes four defeats. Steve Bruce believes the magic of the FA Cup can rejuvenate his team against the Gunners, and a trophy run will definitely help elevate the atmosphere at any club.

Both Arteta and Bruce value the competition, with each manager lifting the trophy as Arsenal and Manchester United respectively. In fact, Artetta, who won the tournament for the first time as a manager last season – lifted the trophy as captain against Hull City, which Bruce was managing at the time. Bruce could settle some sort of revenge for that heart-wrenching 3-2 defeat, and his Newcastle team would be eager to bring an end to the Emirates.

Follow the FA file below for all the latest updates from the third round dive.


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

51 mins: Arsenal’s last three are tainted by Hendrik Villa. In Newcastle the ball floats in the box, Carol gets the ball head on but he can’t control the direction and it goes wide.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:37


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

48 mins: Dedicated by Cedric Richie, Arsenal have a free kick to the right of the penalty area. Pepe swings it, and Clark lifts the ball. It comes to Willian who goes to Tyrne. He loves someone from the range and goes for it, but his shot starts well on the bar.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:34


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

Second Half: Matt Richie arrives for Jamal Lacelles as he makes a change at half time in Newcastle. Arsenal resume match

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A result should be available today as there are no restarts in this year’s FA Cup Third round. Newcastle were protected at the end of the first half, so they had to start on the front foot of the second half.

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Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:25


Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:17


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

42 mins: Arsenal play short in a corner for Willian, but some good defensive pressure from Almiron push the Gunners back. The winger at Newcastle finally got the ball and won a free kick.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:12


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

39 mins: LaCellus sends a long ball to the pitch where Carol wins in the air. He headed it towards Almiron, who dropped the loose ball with a dime. Arsenal then had to block Carroll from crossing his path when Nelson exploded in the box.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:10


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

36 mins: Willian finds Pepe directing the ball in the general direction of the goal in an Arsenal corner. Carol stops it and launches the ball back into the bar. The second corner is handled strongly in Newcastle.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:06


Arsenal 0 – 0 at Newcastle

33 mins: Almiran takes a good run in the middle of the box and collects a ball from Sean Longstop. Almiron panics slightly and blindly pushes the ball back into the middle.

Michael Jones9 January 2021 18:02

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