Attacks on PM’s ousted aide bring new newspaper president to tears | Conservatives

Designated woman Boris Johnson The 10th ex-officer, who resigned from his post last week and left Downing Street dramatically, was left in tears on Saturday to head his daily press operations after being subjected to negative comments.

In an extraordinary escalation of the fight involving new and departing aides to Johnson, friends of the Prime Minister’s new press secretary, Alegra Stratton, said he “broke down in tears this morning” as a result of what he believed to be Johnson’s critical remarks. Former Director of Communications Lee Cain.

Stratton, who is the public face of the government, told a number of journalists in the previous 24 hours that Cain was not the first choice for the job and was not at the top of the panel selected to select top people. Appointment. Cain was a close friend Dominic Cummings, A former close adviser to Johnson, resigned last week and was asked to leave on Friday.

The news came as Cummings and Cain’s allies said their opponents in government were “determined to set fire”. [Johnson’s] Premiership with the “Tsunami of Toxic Interpretations” will ultimately undermine the government. Another government official said: “This is a bloodbath, isn’t it?”

Stratton, ex Guardian And TV journalist Rishi Sunak, who served as president before being appointed by Johnson, was deeply disturbed because the reason he undertook this job was to restore civilization and to give some orders to Downing Street. A close friend of Stratton said: “Alegra is very sad. The Prime Minister told her several times to do the job. She did not apply to do so, but Johnson asked for her sense of public duty.

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“She wants to expand this government’s appeal. She loves and respects Johnson. Viewer: “Yes, I am sorry, because I have always tried to do the country right. The country does not want to be treated by those in 10th place, they treat people as intelligent and undesirable. ”

Following an extraordinary week of his decision to break the cover, both Cummings, Johnson’s close but highly controversial adviser, and Cain, the prime minister’s communications director, resigned and urged Johnson to leave Downing Street without delay on Friday. The move has sparked government announcements and pre-claims that some media outlets have called for Cain Johnson to become the new president. Another of Stratton’s friends, Cain, told reporters that he was “not in the first place for this job” and that he believed they did not like her. There is a tug of war between him and the league. ”

Throughout discussions of his appointment, Straitton has made it clear that he will not be working under Coyne because of his sudden style and the treatment of younger advisers. His decision to issue a public statement before the start of the daily conferences is a testament to the intensity of the civil war within No.10.

On Saturday night he said he had “not explained against anyone” and that it was “always clear that Alegra was the prime minister’s first choice”.

Cummings and Cain’s supporters, however, pointed out that he was less active than other candidates in the interviews and did not attract as much attention as other groups. Senior sources in Number 10 on Saturday night made it clear that the prime minister was preparing for major changes in his ranks in Downing Street and in the cabinet, with a ministerial reshuffle “in January or earlier.”

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“We need to strengthen the cabinet and fill the vacancies, so there will be changes,” one said. According to a government source, Stratton’s appointment is a sign of “unity” due to his friendship with the prime minister’s fiance and former Tory communications director Gary Symonds. Opposing Stratton’s appointment, BBC journalist Ellie Price said she had “more heads and shoulders” than other candidates during the official selection process for the job. Despite the departures of Cummings and Cain, a group on Downing Street is understood to have told officials that Johnson wanted to “get the band back” for the 2024 election.

Cain handed in his resignation following the fall of Stratton’s appointment. It is understood that the Prime Minister tried to reverse the decision and offered him the post of Chief Minister, but Cain resigned following the leak of the job offer.

Locals said there was sadness among the PM’s team as the fall continued, and aides were actively circulating to ensure that resignations did not come. “It was bloody even by Westminster standards,” a Whitehall person said. “It simply came to our notice then. The victim is the Prime Minister, he is a good man who tries to do very difficult things. This is the biggest distraction. ”

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