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The number of people who experience extreme stress and complaints of burnout is increasing. And it’s not just because of the epidemic. This number has also grown exponentially before that. However, the amount of knowledge about mental health has also increased significantly in recent years. One of the positive results of the epidemic is that society is more accepting of improving mental health. Stress can be a part of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean nothing should be done about it …

Always available ‘

Thanks to the technological revolution, the majority of Dutch people always work. An evolution accelerated by Covid-19. For example, work and private life are increasingly intertwined. Message after message, the brain has a lot of stimuli that need to be addressed. too much. This is not all about work. Relate to every report. Whether this is from work, social media, or friends. The brain no longer needs rest, because it is precisely in moments of rest that people pick up on the phone. Stress from smartphone use is not uncommon. For those who experience feelings of stress, it is recommended to put them aside from time to time.

Meditate as a moment of rest

Only in recent years has mental health been taken care of. Previously, it was viewed by the majority of society as affectionate when someone made such complaints. Still, mental problems are not equated with physical health. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, there has been an increase in knowledge of mental health, as has acceptance of its treatment. For example, meditation has long been known to be a successful way to reduce stress and create peace. And thanks to books, podcasts, videos or blogs, meditation is a real possibility for everyone. Accurate dosing is also possible according to Small Doses Institute Be a way to reduce stress.

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Physical activity of a mental state

There are many options for improving mental health. One of the most popular techniques is simply physical activity. Don’t focus on the head, focus on the body. However, sport should not be seen as a panacea. Exercise as a mental health aid requires a person-oriented approach. This is how researchers of the Muller Institute concluded. Regular exercise reduces complaints such as anxiety or feelings of nervousness. This applies to both people with mild complaints and people who are struggling with actual fatigue or turmoil. In fact, for those with mild complaints, exercise therapy is just as effective as psychotherapy. Naturally, you must consider your motivation and obstacles. For example, intense physical activity and / or group activity can have the opposite effect of a person experiencing a lot of stress.

For this reason, building the frequency and intensity of a spot is never the wrong approach.

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