behavior | How New Technologies Help Study Emotions in Monkeys

Do monkeys have emotions? Do they recognize them in each other? How does this relate to humans? These are questions that are difficult to answer in the wild, but are now available in the zoo thanks to smart technologies.

In her work, researcher Mariska Krett examines the difference between apes and humans in terms of emotions. I once studied how bonobos react strongly to the emotions of unknown species, while humans react strongly to the emotions of their acquaintances.

They also use the latest technology to take this kind of research a step further and to make the experiments for the zoo animals they work with as enjoyable as possible. For example, temperature and thus heart rate can now be measured remotely, which says something about things like arousal. There is also such a thing as the use of interactive screens that makes it possible to ask research questions that have not been asked before. You can hear more about this in this audio.

Mariska Crete released the book this year.Between a smile and a grimace – the expression of feelings in humans and animals‘ From. You can read more about my findings there. Curious about all the posts, you can find them on their site:

Curious about what such an investigation would look like? Research on emotions in great apes on display at Ouwehands National Zoo.

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