Belgian director Joachim Lavos competes for the Golden Palm award: “I am very proud’

Newly selected for the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival with his new film “Les Intranquilles”, Joachim Lavuse is “extremely proud” to have the opportunity to compete for the Golden Palm award. It is part of a circle of 24 films selected from nearly 2,000 candidates. “The Cannes Film Competition is the dream of every director,” the director said in an interview with Belga.

Joachim Lavos replied, “I am very proud of my choice with this film because I have so much faith in this film.” In retrospect, I understand why previous films were included in side competitions (unconfirmed regarding Quinzaine des réalisateurs). “What makes the difference this time is the fact that ‘Les Intranquilles’ focuses more on sensitivity and emotion.” “Before submitting the film to the selection committee, I was pleased to find that people were very moved when they found out about the film in small theaters. What I liked about making this film is that we didn’t try to be cultured. We wanted the actors to be impressed.” After announcing his selection, Lavos received congratulations from the Dardenne brothers, who were twice awarded at Cannes in 1999 with the “Rosetta” and in 2005 with the “El Infante” award. Joachim Lavos asserts that “Most of the people I work with have been trained by the Dardenne, especially some actors. With them I started thinking about cinema and cinema. I make films that are different from theirs.” “The Belgian film is great because of its versatility. There is room for generations to live together.”

With this intimate drama, Joachim Lavousse signs for his fourth participation in Cannes. In 2012, he was on Croisette with “A perdre la Rison” in the “Unertainibility” section, which resulted in an award for actress Emilie Dequenne. He was also twice selected for the Quinzaine des réalisateurs with “Elève libre” in 2008 and “L’ Economie du couple” in 2016. In “Les Intranquilles,” French actors Leïla Bekhti and Damien Bonnard play a married couple whose daily lives are disrupted. through the bipolarity of one of them. The film was produced by Stenola Productions with the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Center of the Francophone Community. (Belgium / Belgium)

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