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This week, our country is officially supporting the preparation for the ban of thousands of PFAS in the European Council of Ministers. De Standaard wrote on Monday.

In July, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway had already announced that they would jointly develop a proposal to ban the production, sale and use of all PFAS in Europe, except for a few “indispensable” applications, such as those for medical devices.

Our country will join these nations on Wednesday, at the European Council of Environment Ministers in Luxembourg, urging them to make “rapid and ambitious” progress on the five countries’ proposal.

Remarkably, countries do not focus on the toxicological properties of both PFAS. Instead, it targets one specific chemical property that characterizes the entire PFAS family and which, according to countries, poses a general hazard to humans and the environment: persistent substances. All PFAS can only be disassembled with great difficulty, or made into non-perishable materials. As a result, they continue to accumulate in the environment. It has earned them the nickname “Forever Chemicals”.

The persistence of chemicals has been a factor in their assessment for decades, but in recent years voices have grown to give insistence a more prominent role in regulation, regardless of what is known about the substance’s toxicity.

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