Belgium has a ban on entry to and from the United Kingdom

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The UK coronavirus mutation is of concern to the entire world. After the Netherlands, our country has now also suspended air and train traffic to and from the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe (Open Vld) announced this on “The Seventh Day” in one day.


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Up to 70 per cent more susceptible to infection is the new type of coronavirus that is keeping the UK under its influence. The Netherlands has already announced a ban on air traffic from the United Kingdom, which went into effect Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and would definitely apply until January 1. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also taken action: 16 million Britons will be subject to a strict lockdown again.

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Now our country is taking action. Starting at midnight Sunday, it will not be possible to travel between Belgium and the UK by air or train. De Crowe says the UK entry ban is a precaution. The procedure will be in effect for at least 24 hours because there are still scientific consultations on the new alternative. “We don’t have a definitive answer yet,” said de Crowe.

For travelers from the UK – already a red zone – they will be closely monitored to ensure compliance with quarantine measures. “Regardless of who arrives, we will provide very clear information about what is expected of them,” de Crowe said.

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And Italy decided, on Sunday afternoon, to stop air traffic with the United Kingdom. “As a government, we have a duty to protect Italians,” Di Maio said. “Our priority is to protect Italy and our citizens.” Germany is also considering “seriously” suspending flights. Eurostar trains will continue to operate between Paris and London for the time being.

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