Benedict Cumberbatch saves a family in need thanks to a modern movie experience

Benedict Cumberbatch managed to score high points in dog power, where he plays the role of a cowboy and the landowner of the largest ranch in the Montana Valley. The actor was nominated for an Academy Award, but even after the movie, Cumberbatch still used his “cowboy skills”!

During a recent interview, the beloved actor talked about the film director Jane Campion, in which he had to learn how to drive cattle. However, this was also useful after recordings.

herd of cows
For example, Cumberbatch says:We shot the movie in New Zealand and then I went back to the UK to recover. I decided to go to the beach and to get there I had to walk in a big fieldHowever, here the actor found something strange.

He met the family who had nowhere to go because a large herd of cows had “besieged” them, so to speak. So Cumberbatch decided to lend a helping hand: “In the field a family was truly paralyzed by the horror of the herd of cows and their calves that came so close to them. They can’t go anywhere

The actor came to save and disperse the herd: “The family really liked it. They really thought it was incredible. They also recognized me as the actor in the Sherlock movie after that, but I said Sherlock could never do something like that!

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