Bethesda shares new details about Starfield in a 45-minute presentation

Bethesda shared new details about Starfield on Sunday night. During the 45-minute Starfield Direct, the developer talks about the various features of the upcoming space RPG. The game is still scheduled for September 6th.

Starfield Explores by Bethesda “The golden age of early space travel”. Bethesda calls this setup “NASA Punk.” Accordingly, the spacecraft and technologies used in the game are, according to the studio, “advanced, yet functional and recognizable”. The basic story of Starfield revolves around the Constellation, an organization trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe and searching for alleged artifacts.

This adventure begins in the city of New Atlantis, the first human colony in space. According to Bethesda, this is the largest city the developer has ever built. In addition to the Constellation story, according to Bethesda, the game will also have several other storylines for players to follow. The show shows several cities on other planets, such as a mining colony on Mars, Neon “pleasure town” and Akila, a western themed city.

In its presentation, Bethesda once again confirmed that Starfield will receive “more than a thousand” planets, which the developer actually announced last year. Players can fly freely to those planets. Players on planets can gather resources with lasers, complete quests, and encounter “unexpected things,” says Bethesda President Todd Howard. Planets are procedurally generated as the player approaches them. Then the terrain blocks are combined. Next, locations, organisms, and resources are added.

For interplanetary travel, the game gets you a star map. It displays information about the respective planets, such as temperature, gravity, atmosphere, flora and fauna. The map also shows planets with important locations and missions, as well as many planets that are barren but have plenty of resources. Finally, players can zoom out and go to different star systems.

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It is also possible to build outposts on planets, which allow players to extract resources while they are elsewhere. Players can quickly travel to their ship while exploring. The game will also feature companions and crew members that players can recruit onto their ship and take with them as they explore the planets.

The spaceship is home to the player and crew members. Players can customize and upgrade these ships themselves in Spaceports. For example, players can add additional cargo compartments so they can carry out cargo missions, or install additional weapons or armor on their ship for space battles. While in flight, it is also possible to distribute energy between engines to gain higher speed or weapons to increase damage. It is also possible to enter and capture enemy spaceships.

Bethesda also shares some technical details about Starfield. The studio says it’s using real time global illumination, which bases planetary illumination on the type of star and the planet’s atmosphere. The game is also getting a new animation system. As in other Bethesda titles, the game can be played from both first-person and third-person perspectives. According to the studio, the game also features an updated combat system with smoother animations and customizable weapons.

Starfield will be released on September 6th. The game will then appear for PC and Xbox Series X and S. It is the first major game released by Bethesda Softworks since the studio was acquired by Microsoft. The company also offered a version of Constellation on Sunday night, which comes with a watch and costs $300.

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