Biden administration asks judge to block Texas abortion law | Abroad

US Judge Robert Pittman has yet to say when he will make a decision after the three-hour hearing in Austin. At least one abortion clinic in Texas says it is ready to resume operations at three locations once the law is temporarily suspended.

“Every day the law (Senate Bill 8, ed.) goes into effect, we reject large groups of patients,” Amy Hagstrom Miller, chair of Whole Women’s Health, told the court.

Texas abortion law prohibits abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, when women often do not know they are pregnant. Also, anyone can convict and sue a woman or an abortion clinic if they do not abide by the law.

The law was signed into law in May by Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Biden earlier spoke of an “undeniable violation of constitutional rights.” The Democrat finds it particularly “disgraceful” for citizens, like whistleblowers, to be given the opportunity to file lawsuits against anyone who would have assisted another person with an abortion.

Vice President Kamala Harris also responded angrily in a statement. In it, she called the new law a “total attack” on health in relation to pregnancy. She says the “ban” affects nearly 7 million women in Texas.

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