Biden signs $1 trillion ‘historic infrastructure plan’ | Abroad

US President Joe Biden on Monday signed a landmark bill that would allow nearly $1 trillion in infrastructure investments. It is the largest infrastructure investment ever made in the United States.

The president views the legislation as a “source of jobs” and has said it is an example of how he has made good on his campaign promises by working across party lines to get things done.
“Democrats and Republicans can deliver results together,” Biden said at the signing ceremony on the White House lawn, which was attended by about 800 union representatives, business leaders, governors and mayors.

The law is expected to finance a large number of infrastructure projects over the next five years, including expanding broadband internet and repairing old roads and bridges.

The trillion dollar bill is smaller and less ambitious than Biden’s original $2.3 trillion proposal. However, the proposal was modified to ensure Republican support in the Senate. Although the White House invited all 32 Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of the proposal, only a small number of them attended the signing ceremony. Former US President Donald Trump criticized Republicans who supported the bill.

On Sunday, Biden named Mitch Landrieu as the leader of his comprehensive infrastructure plan. Andreu was previously the mayor of New Orleans. In this capacity, he played an important role in rebuilding that city after the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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