Biostatistician Molenberghs: ‘Indian variant now accounts for 1 per cent of cases with us, but can move forward quickly’

Despite the high vaccination coverage, hospital admissions in the UK are increasing slightly. This has to do with this more contagious Indian species. “It is mainly prevalent in communities where vaccination coverage is lower,” he says Geert Mullenberg. “We need to prepare for the consequences of trading this alternative.”

According to Mullenberg, this Indian variant now accounts for 65 percent of cases in the UK. “With us it’s only one percent,” says the biostatistician. “The alternative has already entered the country a few times, but where is it fast advancing. In the UK, it has gone from 1% to 65% in two months.”

According to Mullenberg, all vaccines currently used in our country provide good protection against this new alternative. “Slightly less than the classic and British variant,” he explains. “Obviously a second injection is necessary. Know that protection is optimal some time after the second injection.”

Although our numbers are good, we score lower than many other European countries, Mullenberg knows. “There are 25 European countries where things are getting better,” he says. “In Portugal, the number of confirmed infections in the last two weeks per 100,000 inhabitants was 62, in the UK 48. That means 252. As long as we are going in the right direction, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

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