Bitwarden launches authenticator app for Android and iOS

Bitwarden removes MFA security from the password manager and launches the authenticator application. The application generates a unique, temporary login key for MFA-enabled web services.

MFA functionality was already available to users who paid for a password manager. Bitwarden believes that everyone should have access to MFA security, so it is now putting this functionality into a separate app. Bitwarden Authenticator has been available for Android and iOS since May 1st.

Unique and temporary keys

Bitwarden’s authenticator implementation works more or less like the Google and Microsoft alternatives. You can add the online accounts you want to protect with MFA manually in the app or by scanning the QR code in Settings. This is only possible for websites that support MFA, although many websites do so nowadays.

Source: Bitwarden

The next time you sign in, you can create a login key using the app. This is unique for each login attempt and is only valid temporarily. The login key is stored on your device and must be entered manually on the login page. Codes cannot be intercepted in this way Man in the middle-To attack. According to Bitwarden, this method removes major limitations of classic MFA.

Bitwarden will gradually add more functionality to the authenticator app. In the Advertisement blog It also reveals a roadmap for further development of the app.

MFA works as a password extension, but in the long run, Bitwarden wants to make passwords completely unnecessary. As for your password manager, it already provides the option to log in with a passkey instead of a password.

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