Britain is criticized for holding EU citizens in illegal immigration detention centers

EU member states, at least Italy, are not happy with the new British practice of locking up EU citizens who do not have the correct papers in deportation centers for illegal aliens. Incidentally, this approach is common in many EU countries for non-EU citizens, but it appears to get shocking if it is applied to their own citizens. In the UK, dozens of EU citizens, of nationalities ranging from German to Spanish, Italian and Greek, among others, are held in such centers, where conditions often leave much to be desired.

Ivan Scalfarotto, Italian Deputy Minister of the Interior chirp: “Erasmus Europe, a peaceful and prosperous Europe of millions of young people who have grown up building a common culture and identity, is falling apart when it comes to holding young people in UK detention centers. If this is Brexit, it tastes bitter.”

EU citizens are held in detention centers for up to seven days before they are allowed to return to their countries of origin. Politico writes That a 25-year-old Spanish man has been locked up for four days in a prison where the Coronavirus broke out.

British border control is allowed to stop travelers from the European Union if they suspect that they want to work there but do not have a work visa.

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