British man seizes plane after banning Russian planes

British man seizes plane after banning Russian planes

British man seizes plane after banning Russian planes

LONDON (Reuters) – The United Kingdom has banned all Russian aircraft or any aircraft linked to Russia from entering the country. According to the British Ministry of Transport, one plane has already been booked due to the new ban.

The plane was seized at Farnborough Airport in southern England. The aircraft is registered with Global Jet Luxembourg, a business jet charter company. The Department of Transport is investigating the aircraft with the British Aviation Authority.

Sources told Reuters news agency that the plane is linked to Russian billionaire Eugene Shvidler, business partner of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

The British government bans all Russian aircraft, as well as aircraft used or leased by Russians. Even if the planes are linked to people or organizations on the sanctions lists, they are no longer allowed to enter the UK. In addition, the British government prohibits the export of aircraft parts to Russia.

Insurance companies are also no longer allowed to insure Russian aircraft. Under the new sanctions, insurance policies already in place no longer provide cover, as a result of which UK insurers are no longer paying Russian-related aircraft claims.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “Banning Russian-flagged aircraft in the UK and making flying with them illegal will hurt Russia and the Kremlin more economically.”

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