Britons find human infection with bird flu

In the United Kingdom, a person has contracted highly virulent bird flu.

This has been confirmed by the UK’s Health Security Agency. The service adds that such infections “happen very rarely”.

The statement shows that a person who keeps poultry is likely to have had a hobby: “The person became infected through close and regular contact with a large number of infected birds that were kept in and around their home for a long time.”

The person himself feels fine while he is in quarantine. The British Health Service said that all contacts, including visitors to the house, have been traced, and there is no evidence of infection spreading to others. It is not yet clear if it is H5N1, the type that the animals in question have infected with. However, it has been reported to the World Health Organization as a “precautionary measure”.

Chief Scientific Affairs Professor Isabel Oliver: “Although the risk of avian influenza to the general public is very low, we know that some variants have the potential to spread to humans, so we also have robust systems in place to simultaneously detect this at an early stage and take action. “.

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