Brutal Killing Camera for Sniper Elite 5

Updated Kill Cam in Sniper Elite 5. This cinematic camera angle is now enabled not only to kill enemies with sniper rifles, but also some shots made with pistols and SMGs.

In addition, more details are now shown during Kill Cam. For example, bullets or bones can bounce. Players can set for themselves how often they want to see Kill Cam go by – and it can also be turned off completely.

Sniper Elite 5 was announced late last year. As usual for the series, the game should mainly offer sniper action. Where Italy was visited in the previous installment in 1943, players in Sniper Elite 5 visited France in 1944. According to the makers of the game, the game should have the “largest and most comprehensive maps” in the series to date.

The game will also feature a co-op mode, where players can give each other quests, share items, and heal each other. The game also features a survival mode for four players. There are also battles for up to sixteen players and an invasion mode of the campaign, where the player can control an enemy.

Sniper Elite 5 will be released on May 26 for PC, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. The game will also be released on Xbox Game Pass.

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