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University employees in Bulgaria are involved in the manufacture of counterfeit dollar and euro banknotes. Millions participate.

CIA cooperated in the raid on the university in Sofia, according to the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse, according to the Bulgarian authorities. The police arrested two people. These are the university employees who are not mentioned by name. Printing machines and other materials were also seized to make forged notes. Big sums were also found on the spot: four million dollars and 3.6 million euros.

However, this is supposed to be the tip of the iceberg. “The evidence points to serious criminal activity,” said Police Chief Georgi Hadjeev.

10 percent

Police suspect the perpetrators are part of a large-scale criminal organization involved in smuggling fake dollars into Ukraine and euros to Western Europe. “Criminal activity is widespread,” said Lubomir Yaniv, head of the Bulgarian crime-fighting office.

The two suspects are a 48-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman. They would print banknotes after business hours and during holidays. They probably got 10 percent of the value, so for a hundred euros a sheet, ten.

Anyone who takes into account the money that was present during the raid realizes that the two have become rich. Researcher Yaniv said the notes were “of relatively good quality”. The suspects had not contacted the police before. The survey does not show that other university employees were aware of the two’s work.

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